Livestock Sales

Direct Livestock Sales

LTS offers Direct Livestock Sales to importers and facilitates sales for traders through provision of the services listed below.

Cattle: Borans
Goat: Bolana (long legged), Boer (short-legged)
Sheep: Somail (black head), Merino (fat tailed – not far-tailed, soiled or haired)

Please write to [email protected] providing the following information depending on your needs and requirements.  We will do our best to serve you in a highly professional manner.

Direct Livestock Sales

1) Specifications (Age, Weight, Breed Preference)

2) Target Prices

3) Animal Health Certification Requirements including laboratory tests, vaccinations such as FMD, and quarantine period required, if any

4) Destination Port

5)  Preferred approximate Shipping Date

6)  If you would like any of the Specialized Services (see below).

Trader Facilitation Services

  1. Sourcing and chartering ships;
  2. Provision of LTS Professional Veterinary staff onboard ships to maintain the livestock quarantine and ensure that livestock arrives healthy, wholesome and free from disease;
  3. Provision of quality feed with the selection of either Maintenance Diet or modest Weight Gain Formulation.

Ensuring healthy and wholesome disease- antibiotic- & hormone-free livestock & meat to global markets.