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Serving quality –minded exporters is key to successful supply and processing chain management.  Our goal is to raise the quality of exported products and to assist exporters in increasing profits by selling up the value chain.  This is only possible with well finished, well processed, and smoothly transported products which is where LTS comes in.

Well-finished, carefully skinned, safely transported meat is the key to increasing profits.
Well-finished, carefully skinned, safely transported meat are the keys to increasing profits.   LTS ensures that your products will be appreciated by your importing clients,

By engaging with producers and processors or undertaking these activities ourselves, we can guarantee that the products will meet demanding importer and up-market consumer requirements.

Meat Export and Processing Services

Our meat services are highly specialized and customer-oriented.  First, we seek to understand the importing customers’ needs and if we are confident that we can help the exporter meet those requirements, we engage the parties and move forward together.

We strive to develop long-term relationships with importing clients.  To do this, we must be sure that we can provide the required supply and consistent quality throughout the year or contract period.

Thus, we work with the entire production, supply, processing and transport value chain.

Our services include:

  • Supply chain management
  • Pre-purchase livestock inspection
  • Livestock fattening and finishing through quality and innovative feeding practices ensuring value for money and rapid weight gain.
  • Animal welfare provisions during transport to ensure tender meat & prevent disease.
  • Antemortem inspection prior to slaughter.
  • Supervision of skinning and flaying to ensure an attractive carcass with fascia intact and no cuts into meat.
  • Hygienic slaughtering practices.
  • Chilling protocols to eliminate and prevent disease & ensure tender meat
  • Supervision and temperature monitoring during export transport.
  • Liaison with importing veterinary authorities
  • Importing trader dialogue, contractual services, and payment collection as required.
  • Financing (Sharia Compliant or Mainstream) as required.

Solutions & Services  for livestock exporters  

Solutions & Services  for livestock importers

Solutions & Services  for meat importers

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